TEGLEG RECORDS promotes artists / musicians working in electronic / digital music & phonic / sonic art / electro / acid / dubstep / leg n bass / mashup / techno / breakcore / dogstep / experimental / glitchtronica / mentalism / spazmodic simulation  
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Sponic Mesh 3 - Various Artists

Sponic Mesh 3


Tegleg Records continues the Sponic Mesh series with another amazing bunch of hand picked electronic tunes from around the world. Ranging from music styles that you can dance and go crazy to, to chilled out vibes for relaxing listening.

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DXN - Kelper Sun EP

Tegleg Digital presents the latest release from DXN. Kepler Sun EP begins with the brooding cinematic melody of Kepler Sun. Amoeba picks up the pace with disjointed polyrhythmic electro. King Crab lurches like an armor plated glitch-dub beast. Lithosphere interweaves tight electro-funk rhythms. Lava finishes off with it's warped twisting space warble.



and many more...